Creators of Love and Profit!

We're doing our part to help the world, starting with our own lives. Join us if you want this too.

Creators of Love and Profit

About Us. #woowooAF

We're CEOs, Intuition Users, Tattoo Artists, Collaborators, Executive Coaches, Tarot Readers, Freelancers, Career Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Writers, and Yoga Teachers living from our Higher Selves. But most of all, we are Souls having a human experience, and we want our human experience to be so much fun. When we start living from our Spirit love starts overflowing in our lives. Connection and abundance are inevitable. The leaps we make allow us to help all of humanity move forward, together. 

David Papa founded this community to help himself practice following his heart and living with Spirit. So selfish! But then he realized we are all One, and when we help ourselves and each other we help everyone. Phew, he was relieved. 

We come together to use the magic of our energy and intention to change our human experience for the better, have an amazing time, and make a difference for humanity. 

What Happens Inside. #circlesftw

  • Try it for free for a month, see if you like it.
  • You will learn how to connect with your Intuition and understand what you want. 
  • You will learn how to work with your emotions to permanently experience more freedom and joy. 
  • You will learn how to change what you attract into your life.
  • You will learn how to build Higher Self habits and routines that help your desires happen and help humanity as well.  
  • You will meet incredibly interesting, authentic, and helpful people living from their Highest Selves as best they can. 
  • You will be invited to receive group energetic support in one of our Intention Circles. More on that below. 
  • You will be given spiritual tools and resources you can use right away to make your life better. 
  • You get access to future Love and Profit courses as part of your membership. Awesome! 
  • You will learn how to create your life with love and profit.

You will also get David's channeled journaling, where he answers questions from his Higher Self about life and being happy. Often contains cursing. He'll answer your questions too because it will benefit all of us. 

You will be invited to try an Intention Circle. These are small groups of members using harmonized vibration techniques to support each other energetically and change the world around us. If you've never tried one of these you are in for a treat. It's ridiculous wants possible through collective energy. This is one of the most effective manifesting techniques available. If you like it, you can join a private group to do it regularly. 

A Big Thanks.

Thanks to our members, we are changing the world. When multiple people come together to share authentically what they are experiencing in life and support each other - when we gather to and use our Soul energy, intention, and loving action - we literally change the possibilities for all humanity and have a lot more fun. This is us taking responsibility. This is us doing our part. This feels amazing, all for the Highest Good. 

Once we hit a critical mass we will also build a charity fund, and a portion of all community funds will go directly to charitable initiatives chosen by the members! Have fun and do good!

See you inside. 

With Love and Abundance for All,

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